Insulin Resistance in Brain causes Alzheimer's
Eleotin¢ē Neuro Health, a Safe Solution for Alzheimer's

What is Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia. It happens when plaque builds up in the brain, and kills brain cells. So far, there is no known cure. You will eventually lose all your memories and personality, and inevitably become completely dependent on others. What's worse is that you can't do anything about it. You can neither reverse time, nor get new DNA,But recently something exciting has happened in Alzheimer's research, which gives legitimate hope of

staving off dementia and its debilitating consequences. It turns out that the key to preventing and alleviating Alzheimer's lies in treating 'insulin resistance'

What 'actually' causes Alzheimer's?

Insulin resistance. You've probably heard of the term before, but in a different context. People use the term to explain the cause of diabetes. Insulin resistance occurs when the body does not use the insulin produced by the pancreas. Scientists had noticed that diabetics had higher risks (almost double!) of developing Alzheimer's. Recent studies proved this connection. The study showed that insulin loss in the brain actually triggered the onset of Alzheimer's. In fact, insulin was the controlling factor in all features of Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's is so strongly connected to insulin resistance that Alzheimer's can also be grouped as 'Type 3 diabetes.'
But, by the same token, existing treatments for insulin resistance can be used to prevent or alleviate Alzheimer's. The logic is simple. Keep your brain well supplied with insulin, it will be less insulin resistant, and your brain will be kept healthy.

What can you do about Insulin Resistance?

Yes, there are a few pharmaceutical drugs that treat insulin resistance. But as diabetic patients know, there's a problem here. Pharmaceutical drugs used to treat insulin resistance can have deadly side effects, especially if taken over long periods of time. The value of taking such drugs over a long period of time is debatable even for people currently suffering from severe diabetes or Alzheimer's.

What you need is a 'natural' treatment that won't have harmful side effects even when you take it for a long time. Currently, there is only one 'safe' natural treatment scientifically proven to treat insulin resistance, and now memory loss: Eleotin¢ē Neuro Health. Eleotin¢ē products were originally developed as dietary supplements to treat diabetes through naturally lowering insulin resistance. In fact, we had suspected that insulin resistance was the cause of dementia and Alzheimer long before these scientists found it to be true. Over the years, our many clients would come back to us after using our products originally for their diabetes. They would return with glowing reports of improved brain functions along with their success stories of controlling their diabetes. We already knew that something was going on between insulin resistance and Alzheimer's. Recent discoveries merely confirmed our suspicions.

All Eleotin¢ē products are 100% natural and 100% safe. While other Eleotin¢ē products address general metabolic problems, Eleotin¢ē Neuro Health focuses specifically on improving neural health by restoring brain cells. The first effect is to treat insulin resistance, and normalize your body's blood flow. The second effect is to cleanse the plaque clogging your carotid artery, and smooth the circulation of blood in your brain. It's not only effective, but also safe. It is not a synthetic chemical as pharmaceutical drugs are. It is a safe food supplement that will improve your brain health when taken for a long time. There are many scientific proofs showing that Eleotin¢ē reduces the insulin resistance, which researchers recently found as an important cause of Alzheimer's. Besides preventing Alzheimer's, memory and cognitive functions are also enhanced.