In The Truth About Childhood Obesity & Adult Fitness , Dr. Youngsoo Kim and Christina Sestan discuss the various contributing factors to this growing health problem in our children today. Please take time to click through this website to learn more about The Truth About Childhood Obesity & Adult Fitness .

According to the Center for Disease Control, 9 million children are substantially overweight. And based on current trends this number is estimated to increase by 20% in the next 5 years. The truth is a loose diet lacking in proper nutrients coupled with the lack of exercise is causing serious problems to the health of our children. Childhood obesity puts children at risk of heart disease, diabetes and a wide range of other adult illnesses.

The processed foods that we buy off of our local supermarket selves only contribute to the problem. Motivated by an increase in profit margin, food manufactures are using cheaper and unhealthy food substitutes and additives in their products; products that eventually find their way into the mouths of our children.

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Though many factors contribute to cause obesity, the largest single cause is poor information. Many parents and adults, in addition to children themselves, fail to see the consequences of what would seem like a collection of harmless habits. With the knowledge of causation- ranging from imbalanced diets to lack- of exercise, parents, guardians, and children can be better equipped to combat obesity ..


      Palm Oil

      Animal Growth Hormones

There are many factors which contribute to obesity; however, there also many practical steps you can take toward preventing obesity...