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 This short essay discusses healthy and sound solutions for erectile dysfunctions. Its main goal is to help the readers distinguish those fundamental sexual health improvements from so countless yet dangerous idiotic sexual enhancement tricks.

 Sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction are embarrassingly private issues. Proud men refuse to discuss it and treat it with professional help. They often resort to ridiculously foolish back alley sex drugs and male pills. These treatments often inflict serious and permanent damages on men’s overall health. Almost always, they are exploitatively expensive. Many men feel lost and hopeless. They don’t have to.

 It shouldn’t be that way. A healthy man in his 70’s is supposed to be able to perform rigorous sexual acts up to 3 to 4 times a week. But it is common today for men as young as thirty to lose their sexual confidence. Reduced libido leads to not only loss of sexual satisfaction, but also marital tension, and low self-esteem that affects a man’s social and professional life. Science has proven that men suffering from sexual problems tend to have weaker analytical abilities and poor judgment skills, and develop pessimistic and passive personalities. Surveys have also shown that these men are less likely to get promoted and more likely to be marginalized at their jobs.

 What causes erectile dysfunction for so many men? There’s a long list of explanations. To begin, there are high levels of arsenic trioxide in the drinking water, cardiovascular diseases, various traumas, and depression. And then the list goes on. But the most serious and universal cause cause is actually ‘diabetes.’ Over fifty percent of all male sexual dysfunction cases are direct results from diabetic complications. Inversely, seventy percent of diabetic patients suffer male sexual impotence.

 When people with sexual dysfunction go to a doctor’s office, the very first question doctors ask is naturally “Do you have diabetes?” Some even say that if a man suffers sexual dysfunction and is not yet diagnosed with diabetes, it is a matter of time that he will be diagnosed so. That is why male sexual dysfunction is called ‘type 4 diabetes’ these days. (For your understanding, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that happens mostly in early childhood, type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle diseases often observed in the adulthood, and Alzheimer’s Disease is type 3 diabetes. For more information, please refer to

 So really, diabetes and erectile dysfunction are actually the two sides of the same coin. To understand this better, let’s discuss the mechanics of ‘male erection.’

  1) When the brain is sexually stimulated, it releases nitrogen oxide along with a few hormones into the blood stream.

  2) Then, the corpora cavernosum (a sponge-like tissue composed of capillary blood vessels. Let’s call it ‘the sponge rod’ here.) in the penis softens up.

  3) Blood flows into this softened sponge rod, making it larger. As this sponge rod enlarges, it presses arteries near the skin of penis from within penis so that the blood does not flow out of penis. More blood flows into the sponge rod, and no blood flows out. An erection is the result.


 But, what if the blood vessels in the sponge rod are narrowed or even blocked because of diabetes? Erections become difficult, obviously. Secondly, diabetic blood with high sugar levels (which is very sticky) would not flow as easily as healthy blood. Erection becomes difficult. Also, diabetics commonly suffer numbness all over their bodies from damaged peripheral nerves and sensory impairments. Diabetic numbness is especially common in the genitalia area. Because of this numbness, sexual stimulus hardly gets relayed to the brain. The combination of vessel blockage, sticky blood, and the lack of sexual stimulus means no erection. Diabetes means no erection.

 Once we understand the root causes of erectile dysfunction and male sexual weaknesses, the solution becomes very obvious. Narrowed, blocked and hardened capillary blood vessels in the sponge rod need to be softened and cleaned up. Sticky diabetic blood needs to be cleared up so that it circulates in capillaries more quickly. (Exactly same as how one should treat diabetes) Numb, paralyzed, and damaged nerves need to be healed. Then, sexual stimuli will get better transmitted to the brain, allowing it to release proper hormones in a more balanced manner.

 However, people don’t always act rationally. Many men use artificial sexual stimulants. They become dependent upon these artificial stimulants very quickly. Too soon, sexual acts are impossible without these artificial stimulants. On top of all this, artificial stimulants are very harmful to the general health. Peripheral nerves and capillary blood vessels are permanently damaged. Total impotence become unavoidable as the body quickly develops resistance to the stimulants.

 Pharmaceutical erectile enhancement stimulants like Viagra and Cialis are risky too. These pharmaceutical drugs merely play a dangerous game with the brain. Messing up the body’s natural hormonal balance system, these drugs do work for a while. But the consequences and side effects are serious: hearing impairment, cardiac arrests, and lung malfunctions. For some, the erection lasts more than a few days at the end of which they had to be ambulanced to emergency ward. Their side effects are critically dangerous for diabetes and hypertension patients, and even to hypotension (overly low blood pressure) patients.

 The irony is that healthy people who don’t need drugs like Viagra or Cialis can safely use them recreationally for a while. But for those who have a medical need, these drugs are dangerous. These chemical sex drugs can be fatal to for those with sexual dysfunction because of diabetes or pre-diabetes - which is the majority of sexual dysfunction cases. It’s an idiotic and oxymoronic situation. Most of these drugs are used recreationally by those people who do not need them.

 These drugs are too dangerous to be used by those who need them. These drugs are praised today by all kinds of media facets as successful pharmaceutical innovations. But we firmly believe that these drugs will be remembered as one of the gravest and the most disastrous acts of human folly. Truly, their multi-billion dollar per day marketing campaigns that went as far as employing US presidential candidates are the most sinister, brilliant, and commercially successful marketing campaigns of all time. These drugs are known to severely aggravate hypertension and diabetes. This, in turn, worsens the sexual problems. A vicious cycle begins and only worsens the situation.

 Most users state that the sexual satisfaction and pleasure brought by these drugs somehow feel unnatural. This isn’t a surprising result. Sex should result in that most mysterious primitively deep and natural fulfillment. Chemically increased frequencies of sexual acts can actually aggravate lower self-esteem, dissatisfaction, and a sense of un-fulfilment. In addition, the resulting unnatural sexual encounters are followed by physical and mental exhaustion leading to chronic fatigues.

 Traditional and folkloric treatments widely used for sexual problems in the past were somewhat effective. This is because they were intense forms of nourishment when most sexual problems in the past originated from malnutrition. In agricultural societies, for example, a lack of protein was a common cause of malnutrition and sexual dysfunction. Otherwise, these treatments mostly had placebo effects. Common treatments include taking meats from animals such as dogs, frogs, and snakes and cooking them thoroughly to kill the parasites. Common sense can determine the effect and value of these traditional and folkloric treatments. Still, one can’t deny the possibilities that these ‘proven aphrodisiacs’ can be effective – not because of the scientific properties of the ingredients, but because of the love and effort of those who prepared these delicacies.

 Let's use some common sense. Sexual problem and diabetes are the two sides of the same coin. Therefore, the healthiest diabetes treatment would also be, at the same time, the healthiest male sexual enhancement option. Also, the safest diabetes treatment would be the safest male sexual enhancement option.

 Eleotin® is a government approved and 100% natural diabetes treatment and prevention product. It has been scientifically proven to be the safest and healthiest product known to cure the root causes of the disease semi-permanently.

 Eleotin® eliminates that stickiness in blood (by lowering blood sugar level). The consequence of this is that it also helps blood circulation by eliminating blockages in the blood vessels, and softens up the hardened blood vessels. As a result, Eleotin® increases overall stamina (sexual stamina included), and restores the health of peripheral nerves. The obvious result? Eleotin® helps a person overcome impotence and erectile dysfunction.

 Eleotin was initially researched/developed to restore general health of diabetes patients by the famous diabetes research centre at University of Calgary.

 For the last 10 years, about 80,000 men have taken Eleotin® for their diabetes. Many of them volunteered to offer to testify that their sexual performance significantly improved. A common occurrence is that sexual performance actually improves before the blood glucose level decreases.

 Eleotin® seems to have a similar effect on female users. They can reach an orgasm more easily because their peripheral nerves and vaginal area have become healthier.

 Many Eleotin® users have testified that, not only did the frequency of sexual acts increase, but the pleasure and satisfaction also increased. They felt refreshed and re-energized the next day. Of course, they pressed us to produce more of it. Without us promoting it so, Eleotin® has even been sold quietly as sexual enhancement products.

 To respond to the demand and also to protect our customers, Eastwood had to come up with a new product line focusing on enhancing the male libido. Thus, the Eleotin® Male Cleansing & Empowerment was born.


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 The main attraction of Eleotin® Male Cleansing & Empowerment is its absolute safety. It not only treats sexual dysfunction, but also works as a treatment and prevention for diabetes. Eleotin® Male Cleansing & Empowerment improves arterial sclerosis and hypertension, as well as improving overall health. It is absolutely safe for hypertension and diabetes patients. It is also beneficial for healthy people for sustaining good general health.

 The effects are semi-permanent. The cleansed blood, and restored vessels and peripheral nerves stay healthy for extended periods of time. These effects sharply contrast with the brief potency of pharmaceutical drugs that frequently worsen the erectile dysfunction in the long term.

 A dean of medicine from a prestigious university once opined to the public that Eleotin® and Viagra together could work wonders. Eleotin® would reduce Viagra’s side effects, while boosting its intended effects. This is a possibly interesting idea for further research.


Eleotin® is the only known 100% natural normalizer of long term chronic metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Eleotin® has been approved in many countries.



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