The Facts on Hypertension

Worldwide, there is an estimated 600 million people who are affected by Hypertension. 50 million of them are Americans, which means that out of 5 people you know, 1 of them has Hypertension. Even worse, there are another 15 million Americans who are not even aware they have Hypertension.

Hypertension is an under-diagnosed condition because it causes damage to the body with no symptoms or only mild symptoms. Along with Diabetes, it has been called a "silent killer" for this reason.

In The Truth About Hypertension, Dr. Youngsoo Kim and Christina Seston come together again to shed light on the causes and solutions for Hypertension. They also discuss the hidden truths about the deadly relationship between the two silent killers: Diabetes and Hypertension. With his knowledge of natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, Dr. Youngsoo Kim brings information on P700 Hypertension Formula, LBM, and the DASH diet, as well as break the myths surrounding salt and diet

Natural alternatives such as LBM are superior in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs and treatments. LBM is safe and effective. It is also known to help control blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and high cholesterol.

In The Truth About Hypertension, Dr. Kim and Christina Sesten discuss the benefits of natural methods like LBM.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs and treatments, P700 is a fundamental and long term solution. It offers permanent change, as opposed to temporary control of Hypertension. P700 is also known by many brand names.

In The Truth About Hypertension, Dr. Kim and Christina Sesten discuss the origins of P700 and its many benefits.


The DASH diet is a dietary approach to the treatment of Hypertension was created by Dr. Thomas Moore and other prominient scientists. The American Heart Association and the National Institute of Health all support and endorse this incredible method of treating Hypertension.

In The Truth About Hypertension, Dr. Kim and Christina Seston discuss the amazing results of this natural apporach to treating Hypertension, and how the DASH diet proves that diet is better than drugs.

All pharmaceutical drugs carry risks and have negative side effects. They are also limited in treatment--they treat the symptoms, not the disease. Natural methods can treat symptoms, and restore the body's own abilities to normalcy.

In The Truth About Hypertension, Dr. Kim introduces three natural methods to treat Hypertension: exercise, acupressure, and bamboo salt. All three treatments can be used to address the terrible symptoms of hypertension, as well as treat the disease.