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Video does not play smoothly. (Choppy video)
If your frequently pauses or displays a choppy picture, you are most likely experiencing an instable connection with our servers. The video being shown on your requires a steady connection so that a 'stream' of information can be fluidly transmitted to your computer. A choppy picture and/or frequent pausing is usually the result of 'packet loss,' information that is lost during the streaming process. If you are connected to the internet by a wireless connection, two solutions are to

[i] move closer to your wireless router, or
[ii] plug into a local area network (LAN).
If you are already connected to a LAN with an internet connection, you may consider contacting your internet service provider (ISP) to inquire if the packet loss is atypical. Here at, our video technicians are doing their best to ensure that the video displayed is best suited to your choice of internet connection. We are proud to announce that will soon offer more low bandwith options for those without high speed connections, but no date can be given at the moment.

Video plays in a separate window. should display its video within the visible TV frame, however there may be instances where the video is played externally in Windows Media Player. If this is the case, there are three checks you must do:

[i] Check that you are browsing our page with the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer
[ii] Ensure that your Microsoft Windows Media Player is also up to date
[iii] Confirm that your computer has a recent installation of javascript.

Cannot view videos when I enter the site.
Depending on your internet connection, may take a few moments to establish a connection with your computer before displaying any video. However, if no video is displayed after an extended period of time, there may be inconsistencies between your computer's software and the requirements for viewing internet TV. Because our video is especially tailored for Windows Media Player, we highly recommend you download the latest version from Microsoft by clicking here. As well, runs an ActiveX control which may need permission from your computer to be run. If your internet browser makes such a request, failure to grant permission may impede proper viewing. Finally, as is designed mainly for Microsoft Internet Explorer users with as much flexibility as possible, we recommend you download the latest version for the optimal viewing experience by clicking here.

Image gets distorted when I watch.
Occasionally while streaming a video, may display a distorted picture - either inverted, flickering green, or both. This distortion is not the video itself, but rather an error caused by the video player on your computer. Windows Media Player has acknowledged this problem with an update which is available here. Downloading the update and installing it should resolve most distortions to the video.

If you have any other questions regarding technical issues, please e-mail

Can I purchase any of the programs shown in DiabetesChannel.TV?
To purchase any of the programs shown in DiabetesChannel.TV please contact for more information.

Where can I get more information on products mentioned in the programs?
For more information on products mentioned in the programs, please visit or
E-mail us at