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The Truth behind the diabetic drug industry, and the success of a non-drug method that reverses Diabetes II.

It contains the full results of the controlled trial of 80 cases of advanced diabetes type II.

Seventy percent were totally normalized inside of seven months.

This remarkable result, now repeated in thousands of cases, was suppressed by silence, despite the heroic efforts of the statistician who eventually brought the rights.

More than 40 cases of reversal of the disease are described, with personal testimonies from people in Korea, China, Canada and Australia.

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Michael Sichel is an Australian osteopath and naturopath (and twice an Olympian). During his 40 years in health care, he has authored five books and is currently Editor of The Medifile Report, an investigative professional publication specializing in new and useful therapies.

Michael is the author of:
Simple steps to better health(1961)
How to reverse hyperactivity without drugs(2002)
Bitter-sweet profits(2003) - International best seller
Good News for the Alphabet Kids(2004)

Co-author of:
Relief from candida, allergies & ill-health(1991) - Best Seller;
first of four editions with Greta Sichel DO ND
The Medifile Report? Professional Journal, Editor

Founder of the Fountaindale Clinic, Australia's first naturopathic hospital
Founding Editor of The Family Health Advisorand Healthy Life News

Bitter-Sweet Profits: Winners & Losers - Inside the Diabetic Industry

- Book
- Available in English
- Stories of recovery & improvement with diabetes
- Learn about real causes and treatments for Diabetes

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Michael Sichel