An All Natural Herbal Treatment for Diabetics

P700 is known to REVERSE diabetes with no side effects. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs and treatments, P700 is a fundamental and long term solution for Diabetics. It offers permanent change, as opposed to temporary control of Diabetes.

P700 is known by many names such as Eleotin, 博特利, 䏲藥定, Happy Pancreas, 엘레오틴, レオチン, 艾樂定, GHP 700. (*Diamaxol and Diabeticine are not related to P700 even though some distributors of Diamaxol and Diabeticine are misleading consumers. There are many fraudulent counterfeits. If you are concerned about the authenticity of the products you are considering buying, please e-mail us.)

If you want more information on how to purchase the product based on P700 technology. e-mail us.

In The Truth About Diabetes: The Natural Diabetes Solution, Dr. Kim and Christina Sesten discuss the history and research surrounding P700 and its benefits for Diabetics. Below are pictures and the names of some of the herbs in P700. These herbs can be found in most herbal stores. Dr. Kim believes that using these herbs, even without the other herbs which are harder to find in herb stores, will greatly benefit your health. For more information, e-mail us.


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