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ELEOTIN® Pedo-Protection Socks

A combination of technology has been used to develop ELEOTIN ® PEDO-PROTECTION socks. These socks have been researched extensively and developed by Eastwood Biomedical Research Inc. and produced in conjunction with one of the largest sock manufacturers in the world.

There are several key features that make ELEOTIN® PEDO-PROTECTION socks different from the other socks out on the market. ELEOTIN® PEDO-PROTECTION socks are designed with many advanced technologies that makes them superior by helping in peripheral circulation and stimulating reflex points in the foot to make the lower part of the leg less fatigued. The ELEOTIN® PEDO-PROTECTION socks are suitablefor both athletes and diabetics who need to pay special attention to the feet and to be careful in choosing the right footwear for protection and comfort.

Thin Shocking Absorbing Padding (TSAP) and Far Infrared Anti-Slip Grip are two of the key features of the socks. TSAP allows the socks to be shock-absorbent without making the socks too thick. This allows for proper protection of the feet. Far Infrared technology can improve the blood circulation in the feet, and the Anti-Slip Grip allows sure footing inside and outside the shoes.