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For serious athletes, socks are an essential component of footwear. Choosing the right socks can determine the difference between success or failure on the playing field.

The feet of an athlete go through tremendous stress and harsh treatments. Even on a daily basis, an addition of 20 percent of the body weight is added to the feet. An average day of walking brings a force equal to several hundred tons to bear on the feet. Further, running or jumping can add up to 2 time the weight of that person's body weight along with the abnormal forces generated by the specific movements of the sport.

The two main concerns for an athlete are endurance and injury prevention. Endurance of an athlete is dependent on many factors. Wearing proper footwear can contribute to the endurance by providing support, ventilation, shock absorption and even increasing circulation of the blood in the leg and foot regions. In athletic activity, perspiration output on the feet can exceed one pint per foot. The excess moisture from the body will also drip down the leg due to gravity, and create uncomfortable collection of moisture. The socks must have a wicking ability and be breathable to aid in endurance of the athlete. ELEOTIN¢ē PEDO-PROTECTION Socks can increase the athlete's endurance and performance by up to 20%*.

Secondly, athletes should try to prevent any sport injury, especially to the feet. Injury can occur when the feet are not properly protected. The footwear worn during extreme activities should be chosen carefully. The forces generated by forward or sideway momentum of the athlete is called shearing force. As the footwear closest to the feet, socks can dissipate damaging forces on the surface of the foot. Socks can also provide protection against injury such as friction blisters, infections due to bacteria, and even ulcerations on the feet.

* Results may vary depending on training and on terrain.