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Features: Auto Regulating Mesh Top

A unique mesh fabric is woven into ELEOTIN¢ē PEDO-PROTECTION socks to provide further ventilation and support the feet's natural ability to self-regulate. Many people, especially diabetics, have decreased or lost the ability of self-regulating control. In healthy feet, when the temperature increases, the self-regulating ability causes the feet to sweat to naturally cool down. When the temperature decreases, the self-regulating ability stops sweat glands from producing moisture so that the feet can maintain heat. For people with impaired self-regulating control, the feet sweat or do not sweat at inappropriate times.

In ELEOTIN¢ē PEDO-PROTECTION socks, the Auto Regulating Mesh Top material aids the self-regulating mechanism. Tiny mesh holes grow larger when the feet sweat and swell to allow for increased ventilation. This prevents the possibility of the sweat glands over-producing. The mesh holes shrink with the absence of sweat and heat, which allows the feet to maintain healthy moisture and temperature. The mesh top works like a second layer of skin ? providing comfort to the feet.


The above image shows the mesh top
opening up to allow heat and moisture to escape.