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Features: Round Treated Inner Toe Seam

To prevent wounds, cuts, and blisters, socks must have the least amount of friction. The toe seam is one major culprit in socks that frequently causes pain. In other socks, the toe seam is found inside the sock, often rubbing against the toes and skin.

ELEOTIN® PEDO-PROTECTION socks have treated inner toe seams that will not cut the feet. This is a small but critical detail. For people who have poor sensitivity in their feet, it is difficult to detect stress and pain often caused by the toe seam, which can cause blisters, ingrown toenails, and other foot complications. The failure to recognize the early signs of foot complications can lead to infection and more serious problems.

The inner toe seam in ELEOTIN® PEDO-PROTECTION socks have been treated so there is no excessive friction or agitation to the feet, and make ELEOTIN® PEDO-PROTECTION socks comfortable to wear.