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Weight Loss Effect

At first, we invented this product for diabetic patients. Many of these patients suffer various foot infections, often leading to amputations. In fact, more than 60% of all amputations of limbs arise from diabetic infections. For this very reason, Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc, world premier producers of diabetic products created Eleotin Pedo Protection, shock absorbing, anti-fungal, anti bacterial medical socks which self-control temperature, prevent swelling, and boost blood circulation.

But, as time passed, we noticed that athletes were purchasing this product. At first, long distance runners (some Olympians) purchased this product. We became curious and surveyed about the purposes of their purchases. Why did those athletes in their peak health need these medical socks made for diabetic patients? They enthusiastically responded that :

  1. Their endurance improved. They experienced less fatigue.
  2. Their strides, the length of each step increased by more than 5%, meaning that with the same strokes of legs, they traveled faster.
  3. Their running postures improved.

Our scientists agreed that:

  1. Better blood circulation decreases the accumulation of lactic acid, a by-product of exercise and the cause of muscle soreness, in the lower body.
  2. The grips on the sole guided the correct parts of foot to touch the ground enhancing the confidence of the runners/walkers, and improving the running/walking posture, as well as lengthening the strides.
  3. The temperature controlling feature also reduces the fatigue and sweat. Heat is a major source of fatigue in the lower legs and feet during long distance sports.
  4. Swelling prevention feature also reduces the fatigue during the long distance sports.
  5. Of course, the injury prevention from shock absorbing and seamless inside is one of the most important benefits athletes claim to enjoy from the sock. Injury is the most frequent reason for long distance athletes to discontinue training.

We started to hear that even average customers were purchasing the socks and experiencing healthy weight loss. Even we were skeptical. How can what you wear on you feet help you lose weight? So we went to our laboratories.

The scientists also confirmed that

  1. The above athletic benefits are all relevant for weight loss.
  2. Better blood circulation in feet is known to decrease the blood sugar by as much as 20%in some cases. Lower blood sugar means effective weight loss.
  3. When certain accu-pressure points are stimulated in the feet, healthy weight loss can be expected. The infrared anti grip dots of this product give ideal holistic acupressure from below.
  4. Also, ordinary walking becomes so called 'power walking', burning more energy, building more lean muscles all around the lower body, removing the fat in problem areas.
  5. More than 50% of the users report reduction of the total body fat.
  6. They began to adopt the right posture. With the help of the sock they "walked tall, belly in."
  7. Many report improvement in varicosity (Tortuous veins...)
  8. Less fatigue led to more enjoyment in walking. As a result, customers began to incorporate more exercise into their lifestyles.


Of course, the weight loss effects will be even further strengthened if Eleotin Mb teas are taken while these socks are worn.