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Foot Care - Healthy HappyFeet

There are several things you can do to have happy feet - and all of them are very simple to do. Changing some of your daily feet habits can make all the difference.

One way to care for you feet is to be aware of your environment. You should avoid walking bare foot, but if you do, watch out for sharp objects and other dangerous situations. You should also try to avoid spending extended periods of time walking or standing on concrete surfaces. It can escalate the severity of pre-existing conditions, and in many cases may be the cause of new problems.

80% of foot pain is due to ill-fitting footwear. Make sure that your footwear is comfortable and appropriate for you feet. Shopping for shoes is best done in the afternoon. Your feet tend to swell a little during the day, and it's best to buy shoes to fit them then.

With 26 bones in each foot, the feet are constantly working to support our upper bodies. Our feet are constantly under stress everyday. Feet play an important role when it comes to doing things we sometimes take for granted; standing, walking, and running.

In an average person's lifetime, a total of 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day will be taken. In addition, each step we take adds on 20% of our own body weight, adding tremendous pressure to the feet.

It is important to practice good foot care.

  • Wash your feet daily. Rinse off all soap and dry thoroughly, especially between toes.
  • Trim nails straight across, and not too short. Don't cut out or dig at corners.
  • Do not attempt 'at-home-surgery' on your corns
  • Wear clean socks or stockings, changed daily. Don't wear any that are too short or too tight.
  • Wear shoes that fit.
  • Wear shoes made of leather or canvas - not synthetics. Sandals are good.
  • Switch shoes from day to day.
  • Use foot powder.
  • See your doctor if severe problems persist.


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